Friday, 4 March 2016

Riverside Enhancement - We Need Your Vote

Next weekend on Saturday the 12th March, there will be a chance to vote for Nairn Riverside to become more attractive. Nurturing Nairnshire Community Grant fund, will be up for grabs in the Nairn Community Centre. I will represent The River Nairn Swans And Waterfowl Trust and be bidding for £800 to Enhance the Riverside. The Trust would like to Plant approx 120 Trees bushes and shrubs, and help to beautify Nairn Riverside a little more.

 The aim is to provide Rowan, Bird cherry, and Hawthorn that will eventually provide berries for the birds, and give some more colour for all to enjoy. The bushes and shrubs will consist of Broom, Gorse, Roses and Honeysuckle giving fragrance and colour, this will also provide shelter and cover for the wildlife. 
This fund is supposed to be a community empowerment exercise, but frankly the rules are anything but !

To Vote you have to register between 9-30 and 10am on Saturday morning at the community centre, and then stay for 3 hours listening to all those who are bidding for funds. Each bidder has to give their pitch for 2 minutes then have a 2 minute Q& A. You will not be able to vote until everyone has given their pitch, and to make it more awkward, you have to vote for 5 different projects for the vote to be valid. WARNING - if you vote for more or less than 5, YOUR VOTE WILL BE INVALID and wont count !! 

The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust is a voluntary group and already does it's best to care for the lower river by monitoring pollution and river conditions, picking up litter, and caring for the waterfowl. We would like the riverbanks enhanced with blossom, colour, and vibrant with bird life.
You can help make this happen by going to the Nairn community centre next Saturday the 12th and voting for us.
Anyone can vote, but you do have to register !!
Refreshments will be available at 1 pm. 

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