Sunday, 11 December 2016

Defending The Environment

The Nairn Beach Demonstration today was a huge success with over 500 people out to defend the Moray firth  environment. 

The organisers Cromarty Rising were well pleased with the Nairn people's turnout and it made for an impressive line up along the beach.

Interestingly this beach was used for the D - Day training landings during World War 2 , Let's hope this war against the Ship to Ship oil transfers is also won !

There are so many downsides to this idea that it's hard to believe that they could get the go ahead.

However we must all do our utmost to stop this dangerous scheme before it ever starts !  I have already written to our Local MP voicing the opposition of our 170 Members of the Trust. 

We have a direct interest in stopping this proposal, since our Swans and cygnets spend a lot of time feeding on the seaweed along this shore line, along with Brent geese and other sea birds.

This environment is way more important than extra oil bucks for Cromarty port authority. 

Selection of photos of the demo today, some were suitably dressed for the occasion too !

Short movie clip showing beach defences !

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