Thursday, 19 October 2017

Firhall Village Forum

Today I gave a talk to the Firhall Village Forum on the outskirts of Nairn. I had been asked some time ago if I could give a talk on the River Nairn Wildlife, and the water birds in particular. I have never given a talk to an organised audience before and was reluctant to do so. However for the benefit of the Trust and the birds and with some trepidation I agreed. I was warmly received by a couple of dozen residents all retired over 50, as Firhall is a retirement village. 

The talk lasted about an hour and just flew by, unscripted I found it easy to talk about my favourite birds and the relationship I have with them. The Village has a small pond and has a couple of ducks that rear their ducklings every summer. 

These ducklings return to the river and ultimately end up down at the lower river, cared for by the Trust. The Forum Chair and residents were most appreciative, and a collection for the Trust at the close raised £111. On behalf of the trust Thank you,  I am most grateful for the kind words and generous positive response. They have invited me to return some time in the future too, Thank you.

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