Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Summer That Never Was

Today I again had the privilege of being really close to Penny. After knowing her 13 years, I honestly believe she almost considers me as another Swan. She does communicate with me on a daily basis by head nods and grunts. Although I don't know the exact meaning of all the nuances in sounds, I know that some are saying this is good, and please give me more, they are appreciative. 

The ultimate feeling of security in my presence is displayed when she sleeps beside me just feet away, what a privilege !
If you have never seen my short film on a year in the life of the Nairn swans then I think you might enjoy it on Youtube.   Just  cut and paste the above link into your browser. It is a reminder of Penny's 9 year contribution and the Summer that never was on the river, It is made up of stills and video, enjoy !

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