Friday, 15 December 2017

Cold Bath & Bridge Repair

                         In spite of the sub zero Temperatures, it's amazing that some of our local pigeons still like to bathe in freezing water.

                         I was amused at the flock in my garden making use of the pond, so much so that one actually got into the deep water and swam around, never seen that before! 

                        It floated and paddled towards the side and flapped out of the pond. 

On another riverside topic, I finally managed to get Scottish water to repair the Merryton footbridge. There has been a hole on the walkway for some weeks and as usual plenty of moaners who seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it. I am surprised that the Local River Community Council did not take the matter in hand either. I spoke to the Highland council who said that the bridge belongs to Scottish water and had nothing to do with them. I then spoke to Scottish Water and explained that putting 2 traffic cones and a metal plate laying over the hole was pointless, as all of it would be tossed into the river come the weekend ! This is exactly what happened to the sand filled sacks 2 weeks ago. I also explained that people with disabilities, using mobility scooters and sticks were at risk and unable to use the bridge. In addition that litter in the river was an eyesore and spoiling the environment.

Seems they took my complaints seriously and did what I asked, having a permanent repair done today. Well done Scottish water !  

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