Sunday, 31 December 2017


After 5 years the RIVER NAIRN SWANS AND WATERFOWL TRUST has finally ended the year in credit to the tune of £34-10. This was mainly due to membership fee increase, the sales of our Anniversary calendar, and some generous donors.
This is a great relief to me, as I personally cleared the deficit every year for the previous 4 years. 

The 2017 Accounts summary :  Total outgoings from January to December                £ 4540 -94
 Total Income membership fees, donations, and                                     Calendar sales.  £ 4575-04 ,
                                                                                                                           Credit balance       £  34-10 

The Trust is a charitable non profit unincorporated association, and the Trustees are voluntary unpaid positions.

Every Penny raised goes to the care and welfare of the River Nairn Birds and their environment.

The Trust would like to Thank all our members, donors and supporters, here and abroad who have made this possible. 😃 Have a Great New Year !

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