Saturday, 27 January 2018

Bottoms Up - 5 Years Young !

The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust is now 5 years young. It was January 2013 when the first Meeting of the founding Trustees got together.

Much has happened over the last 5 years to benefit the river wildlife, and in turn delight many people in the process.

We now have around 200 river waterfowl which give a lot of pleasure to many by their presence on the river. 

The Trust have been watchdogs for the wildlife and the local environment too, reporting pollution incidents, picking up litter, and educating people on the riverside.

Many rescues have also been carried out, saving various birds that would have otherwise perished. Well over 100 birds have been saved.

The Trust has dealt with wildlife safety issues like getting BT to alter wiring after one of our cygnets got killed.

We also deal with the Scottish SPCA and Vets on a regular basis, as well as network rail, BEAR Scotland, Scottish water, SSE and anyone else that effects our legitimate concerns.

The Trust has spent over £15,000 on the care and welfare of the birds and their environment. This has come Primarily from the membership which now totals 176. Most are local but some from throughout the UK and abroad too.

Every penny raised by the Trust has been used to benefit the wildlife.

As time passes people realise more and more that we need to keep in touch with nature, that the natural world is immensely valuable for our own well being.

                          It has to be protected and cherished for future generations.

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