Friday, 5 January 2018

Spring Tide

The first Spring Tide of the New Year has just passed, with a deep low pressure over the North sea it pushed the level almost to the top of the Swans Island. However we are getting off lightly compared to the rest of the country and across the pond, it has been positively balmy !

                       I took the opportunity to empty and refresh the garden pond for Disco and Limpy, getting rid of the decayed leaves and dirt.

Both of them could not wait, and plunged in well before it was half full. Limpy could not get enough of the fresh water and kept sticking his head into the hose pipe flow. Both are disabled, but they sure enjoy life to the full. 

Meanwhile down on the river, the seal is still using the high tides to do some fishing along with the red breasted merganser.

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