Saturday, 28 April 2018

A Place InThe Sun

Disco the disabled duck finally stopped trying to hatch all her eggs and came out of the coop with 6 ducklings. 

The other eggs were infertile except for 2 that had died in shell. 

The weather was mainly sunny, although still chilly but a sun trap in my garden. 

Disco led them out of the aviary into the pond for their first dip, then a place in the Sun ! 

She had her first real bath for quite a while, and the ducklings relished the pond with the crushed mealworm and soft lettuce floating on the surface.

One of the ducklings was tired out and fell asleep, I got the feeling it was the youngest.

Limpy was initially jealous of the brood but soon accepted he was no longer the only party to Disco's attention.
Disabled or not, Disco has delivered her second brood and will rear them like the ones last year.
Short clip of the happy first dip below.

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