Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Stunned Sparrowhawk

                     Interesting day, I saw Duke chasing 3 swans away that came up to the Swans island. He had no hesitation in seeing them all off while Penny sat on her nest. Later this afternoon knock at the door and a report that a hawk was laying on the ground outside Barron house. I went to investigate and found a stunned Sparrowhawk sitting on the ground.

Had put on a pair of gloves so picked it up and had a quick look. No apparent injuries, so either collided with a window or overhead wires. Within 10 minutes it had recovered enough to let it fly off. Also had a report last night that a Mother duck had been run over and killed in front of Grants Garage, apparently escorting ducklings across the road. I spent half an hour with a friend looking for ducklings this morning without success. I am trying to verify that there was indeed ducklings involved. If anyone can verify , please get in touch.
They would not survive long without their Mother in this cold weather.


Anonymous said...

thanks for taking a look at the sparrowhawk joe, fantastic creature, hope to see one up close again, albeit in better circumstances!

jayteescot1 said...

No Problem, surprisingly you can get quite close when they make a kill, they are very reluctant to let any kill go !