Monday, 31 December 2018


Have just completed the Trust accounts for 2018.
Total outgoings were £4139 - 29.     Total Income was £ 3828 - 50.  This means the Trust has slipped back into the Red to the tune of £310 - 79.

Several obvious reasons for this, we had 7 cygnets this year, so the feed bill is greater. In addition the Parkdean Caravan site made no contributions to the Trust at all this season. The reason is that the Arcade manager no longer works there, and he was the collector for the Trust. 

The Calendars sold well, but perhaps a little below what I should have asked for, and I should have printed more. Some members have yet to pay their annual subscription.
In order to avoid the Trust going into overdraft, I will meet the deficit from my own pocket this year.
If nothing else, the river birds will have a good new year ! 

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