Wednesday, 2 January 2019

A New Year

Another New year starts on the River, and the 7th year since the founding of the Trust. The success of the Trusts endeavours are there for all to see. 

We now have around 200 ducks and our family of Swans, all happily living out their lives on the river and beyond. A quick count at Christmas, revealed we have about 80 female ducks, this is quite an improvement on recent years and bodes well for the future. 

Jokingly some people ask if I have names for them all, I do for a few,  and special favoured ones. The one at the top of the post really has an eye for me, she knows if she looks me in the eye intently enough I will throw her some extra grain, she is a sweetie !
Short video below gives an Idea of the numbers during mid winter, appreciative of the Trust feed. 

Checking back on the Trust expenditure since it's founding 6 years ago, we have spent £20508. on the birds care, welfare and environment. Trust members and donors can take a bow on helping create a happy and enjoyable life for our waterbirds, and an improvement to their natural world....and ours !  

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