Saturday, 20 April 2019

Bad Saturday - Lucky Ducklings

After the elation of yesterday's first hatched brood of the year, today the down side.
My worries of yesterday were well founded when I was told by Some Trust members that they saw a group of Ducklings going into the Harbour yesterday afternoon. Today I tried to find them and doubted that any would have survived the night without a mother. 

Currently there are two high spring tides a day which means the tiny ducklings would be unable to get out of the water for many hours. Being only a day or two old the cold water would kill them unless kept warm by mother or huddled in a group. Incredibly, I spotted 2 ducklings between the boats searching for food - they had survived the night. Sadly the other 9 must have perished, probably at the hands of Crows and Gulls.

The Trust is committed to intervene in the case of Orphaned or injured ducklings, with this in mind I mounted a rescue operation, and after 2 hours managed to catch the ducklings.

They are now being cared for in the Trust brooder. I will attempt to introduce them into disco's brood - due to hatch in a weeks time. With a bit of luck they will have a Mum to rear them until fledged.
Short clip below, preening close to a mother duck after a hearty meal !

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