Sunday, 14 April 2019

Nesting Fatalities

Yet again we have female nesting ducks being killed by loose dogs. Seems like Dog owners have still not heeded the Trust and Scottish outdoor access code advice, to keep their dogs under close control near wildlife areas. There are still some people in Nairn who let their dogs work the riverbanks with hunting breeds like Spaniels and Labradors - these were bred for grabbing waterbirds !! PLEASE KEEP THEM ON A LEAD NEAR WILDLIFE !  

The poor ducks cant get peace to nest even in thick undergrowth close to the riverside. The Trust membership should report any wildlife crime, where an out of control dog catches any ground nesting birds. We have lost two female ducks already, and this is before we have seen any hatched ducklings on the river !

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Unknown said...

No excuses for this! Common sense.