Thursday, 20 June 2019

Bird Brain

Often used as derogatory remark " Bird Brain" has an entirely different meaning to me. Birds do indeed have a brain and it serves them very well, having survived on the Planet a lot longer than us.

Today I got a few examples from my feathered friends.  

Having observed a pair of Pied wagtails for some time fliting around the garden pond for dried mealworm I have been feeding the ducklings. 

One of them has an injured foot but seems to manage on one of them. It has watched me dropping mealworm out of the window, and has taken to feeding it's young with them, flying back and forth every minute or so. This bird has been following me around the town for the past week, and lands in front of me in the high street and down by the riverside. It sometimes flutters in front of my bedroom window as soon as I pull the curtains in the morning. I know it's the same one because of the foot.

                    It looks me in the eye and knows I will throw it some dried mealworm. It's bird brain knows it has made a connection with me, and looking at the pics I think you can see why. 

The right foot seems to have a growth on it and have seen it pecking at it several times. Sadly there's little I can do to help, other than provide food for it and it's brood.

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