Saturday, 22 June 2019

No Place Like Home

After being fostered out for three weeks, Disco our disabled duck's female offspring were returned to the Trust.  

                        I wanted to make sure they were integrated with the other rescued ducklings before being returned to the wild. The males were released elsewhere. It was fascinating to see the reaction between Disco and her offspring after a 3 week absence. 

They knew each other immediately, and the reunion was joyous. Only goes to show  there's no place like home, even for ducks !
These youngsters are capable of flight and will be released next week along with all the other rescued ones that should all be able to fly by the end of next week. 

All of them get on fine, but when chilling out in the garden, Disco and her 8 babes chill together as you can see. It does prove the fact that ducks can recognize their offspring and vice versa, even after  considerable growth and absence of weeks. Another Bird Brain fact.    Short Clip below, Disco heralding the return of her babes ! 

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