Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Life Goes On....For Some.

The ability to breathe is pretty much taken for granted, it comes naturally. It's only when this is compromised and we are laid low, that the proper functioning of the lungs hits home. Having had a serious bout of lung disease 5 years ago, I can appreciate how awful the Coronavirus must be, once it gets into your Lungs. Fortunately I was lucky enough to survive my Hospital stay, and  cant praise the NHS Doctors and staff enough for their skill and treatment I received. I only hope they are properly equipped to tackle the impending crisis which will surely task them. My Best wishes to you all !

Away from our species, for some others life goes on - virus or no. For all species food and shelter is required for survival.

Our Mallard ducks on the river are no exception, and with nesting season coming, it is essential to eat.

Meanwhile Disco and her mate at home, give me something to observe during this semi lockdown. 

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