Saturday, 6 March 2021

Last Cygnet

Today marks 9 months since the last cygnets were hatched, incredibly one of them is still in the river with Slim and Sue.

 Although chased off a week ago, it has returned and as yet not been chased away again.

Noticed several tail feathers missing, and wondered if it had been attacked by another swan while away. Slim and Sue are first time parents and seem reluctant to be too aggressive to it, no doubt this will happen if not resolved before nesting again. Short video of enjoyable bath by the cygnet. 


Unknown said...

Mature swan on pond at Golf View Hotel this morning. Two swans and cygnet on river at same time. Could it be Briget?

jayteescot1 said...

Nothing would surprise me about Briget, maybe she thought it was another Pond to be looked at! She is a mature Bird and probably knows the whole area well. Might go and have a look myself.

Unknown said...

It looks to be a male Swan, still there