Thursday, 4 August 2011

Council Vandalism

With all the things that need doing in Nairn, the Council have seen fit to send a squad to vandalise the edge of the riverside path at the Seaman's hall. Not only does it look bad but it destroys some of the reeds, brambles, and little habitat for the Small birds and nesting areas of the ducks. It also makes it more dangerous for the Swans, during high tides they could venture close to the path and be attacked by passing dogs ! They have left bramble thorns scattered all over the place which will get impaled in the swans mouths when they move material. There was no need whatsoever to clear this area, needless to say they left the litter which they exposed !

I have sent a strong letter of protest !

Hi There,

I have to inform you that today I saw the Swans at high tide trying to
access the river path near the seaman's hall. This was due to the council cutting back the reeds and tall grasses yesterday, giving them an access channel - after I specifically warned them of the consequences of doing so !!!
Fortunately I was on hand to chase them back into the river. Had someone come along with a loose dog it could have been tragic as happened last year.( Photo enclosed after dog attack).

After 8 years involvement with the Swans, including the creation of the Swans Island, I do not wish to see thoughtlessness causing the demise of the Nairn Swan family !
I understand the need to prevent erosion of the river path, and even the need to cut vegetation which extends onto the river path. However, destroying a 5 foot strip of wildlife habitat such as reeds and brambles,(The ducks sometimes nest under the brambles ) which pose no threat to the path or public and is also dangerous. Dogs now have easier access to the wildlife, and the Swans are liable to get too close to the path during high tides and therefore at greater risk of dog attack.
It was unnecessary to cut the area in front of the seaman's hall and beyond towards the harbour, this only creates a channel which the Swans might use to their detriment.
Also the shredded and cut bramble bushes which have been left laying around can cause injury to the swans when they move the vegetation with their mouths.
There are many areas of the riverside paths that could do with clearing at the sides. Other than the bushes growing from the river wall, this clearance was not needed !

Please do not tinker with the habitat within the river walls, without considering the consequences of your actions very very carefully !

Yours Sincerely JT

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chainsaw massacre said...

I can think of bits of path that need doing but thats jist a mess and does nothing for the place.