Saturday, 13 August 2011

Steven Seagael Makes my Day

Two days after I released Steven the gull on the west beach, I have looked anxiously several times to spot him, without success. This morning whilst feeding the ducks near the island, I saw a solitary gull paddling up river under the trees which was unusual for a gull. It looked like Steven but was too far away to tell, after a while it took off and flew towards the maggot flats and landed on the grass. I couldn't resist the urge to investigate further and crossed the Merryton bridge to check him out. The closer I got the more convinced I was that it was indeed him. I have carried a piece of fish every day in case I found him in a starved state, and when I held it he came running as usual and gratefully swallowed it. He has survived his first 2 days in the wild at least, and his ability to fly from land and water is essential to his survival. If you wonder how I know him compared to all the other gulls, he has white scar marks on top of his beak from when he was first injured. Seagulls don't go totally white until they are two years old, he is of course whiter and older than first year seagulls. It's great to see he's survived and can take off from water too ! (short vid clip below)

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