Monday, 29 August 2011

Vets Admission & New Gull

Today I received a phone call from Moray Coast Vet Group regarding the Seagull I took in for treatment / surgery 2 weeks ago. They admitted that not informing me of their action to euthanize the bird was wrong, and unacceptable. They said that a breakdown in communication seemed to be the cause, but also admitted that their expertise in avian matters was limited. Having been a customer of theirs for over 30 years, I accept their explanation and feel assured that they will do their best in future to avoid a repetition. Surgery on birds is very risky, but I would rather see a brave attempt to save a viable life than to automatically put it to sleep. Perhaps this will be more likely in future.

Ironically I spotted a young seagull at brochers brae last week which appeared to have an injured leg . (God forbid ! ) It looked too young to have left the nest and still has some head fluff, but was limping badly. When a friend mentioned the bird to me a couple of days later, still limping and in the same location I decided to give it the once over next time I saw it. The following day it was pecking around the sewer overspill at brochers brae so I picked it up and carried it home for inspection. The left leg joint was swollen, and the left wing not sitting correctly, this leads me to believe it may well have been hit on the left side by a vehicle. The good news is that there are no broken bones that I can detect, some anti - inflammatory medication, rest and feeding until the fluff has disappeared is probably all that's required. This morning the limping has reduced, and it decided to have a bath - for this gull things are looking up!

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