Saturday, 20 August 2011

Flight Training Begins

The Pen has moulted and regrown her new flight feathers, and is ready for serious flight training exercises with the cygnets. Today was an ideal starting day with a light breeze blowing down the river. The cob took no part since he has just lost all his flight feathers, and wont be able to fly for another 5 weeks ! The cygnets wings are developing fast and should be capable of flight in a fortnight. Mum starts the training by giving a call for all the cygnets to pay attention, she then starts running with wings outstretched and then slows, waiting on the cygnets to follow. As the cygnets copy her she runs ahead even faster, glancing back to see who is following . The last pic shows Lefty the cygnet who had the angel wing - joining in and making full use of the wings. The Mute swan is Britain's heaviest flying bird and within 6 weeks these babies will be flying well !

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