Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dangerous Cuttings Removed

After complaints to the council by myself and others in the community, the dangerous bramble bush cuttings were removed this morning. I am glad the council moved quickly on this, but sorry that they cut the strip of habitat in the first place ! I hope they have learned a valuable lesson, that it is better to talk to local knowledgeable people first before doing something that the community don't want ! People are more environmentally conscious today than they have ever been, because they realise there is more to life than consumerism and covering everything over with concrete, tarmac and manicured grass. Our wildlife have rights too and must be spoken up for when the need arises, for they cannot speak for themselves. After the near fatal attack on our Swans last year I called for a few signs to be put up for people to keep their dogs under control and on a lead near the wildlife. I was not listened to, now we have the council removing the natural safety barrier that to some extent prevented dogs from getting at the wildlife. Yesterday I sent an email to our local councillors stating that I would be holding the council responsible, should anything happen to our Nairn swans because of the removal of this natural barrier ! I want them to remember for every action there is a reaction !

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