Sunday, 28 August 2011

Out Of Sight - Out of Mind

Sewerage continues to blight the River Nairn every time we get a downpour that lasts for 20 minutes. It has been obvious for years that the Town sewerage system has been over loaded and can only get worse. Because most of us don't see the problem it is in the main ignored - a case of out of sight out of mind. Scottish water should be made to rectify the problem by agencies such as SEPA (Scottish environmental protection agency) and of course our local politicians! Maybe a radical approach like refusal to give anymore planning permission to build within Nairn - until the sewage infrastructure is put right, might be one way of forcing Scottish water to invest in upgrading the system ? I for one see the effects of the sewers constantly because of my contact with the river environment, and have contacted SEPA several times. This resulted in some action which temporarily improved the situation, because they cleaned some of the system and bolted down some visible manhole covers. It was obvious this was merely going to move the problem elsewhere, recent downpours just expose the weakness and the pics above show what is happening on both sides of the river every time it rains ! I think it's time our community councils and regional politicians start taking Scottish water to task, instead of destroying the wildlife habitat and vote garnering by occasional litter picking ! The more people that complain about this issue, the better for all of us - including the wildlife!


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Joe, that post didn’t come in on the hyperlinked blogger tag you use on your occasional postings on the Gurn, therefore I e-mailed for confirmation but perhaps used an old address? Anyway it is now published.
Time for the community to get action from Scottish Water on this. S*** on the footpaths and in the river in such quantities should be a thing of the past yes!