Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Summer Spates Disaster

This summer has been a non starter and a bit of a disaster for the food supply of the Swans. The summer spates have been heavier than usual and earlier too. The one back in July wiped out the river weed, and any recovery in it's regrowth has now been wiped out with the last few days heavy rain. It is too late in the year for any river weed growth now, so the Swans will have to rely on seaweed and handouts from now on. Even the seaweed on the shore can only be got at when the tides and weather permit. Their need for greenery can be seen when they are frantically pulling at the small strip of grass in the harbour. I have made it a point to give them hand pulled grass daily, mower cuttings are too mushed up and they don't eat it. In addition they get wheat grain and wholemeal bread. The cob is now moulting and will be flightless for approx 6 weeks, the pen has regrown her new flight feathers and should be able to fly again by the weekend. The cygnets wings are growing and on track for flight training by September, it will be interesting to see if the parents give them the heave ho early this year, considering the lack of river food available.

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