Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Council Cutters Wanted

I notice this weeks local front page refers to a riverside cleanup project between the road bridge and merryton sewage bridge. The plan appears to be in doubt because of sewage discharge and contamination issues, frankly I'm not surprised. From my observations over the years, there appears to be several discharge points in that small area, this is in addition to the large Scottish water outfall pipe which leaks frequently - even in dry weather. There might also be two other drains from merryton and elsewhere. The lush growth and height of the trees is testament to the nutrition provided by the sewage discharges ! It's ironic that when walking under the roadbridge every day you have to duck to avoid being smacked on the moosh by the overhanging bushes, yet the council saw fit to vandalise a 5 foot strip of inoffensive wildlife habitat behind the seamans hall ! This is just another example of government mismanagement and wrong use of resources. Could the council kindly trim the overhanging skelpers at the roadbridge, and also the Berberis darwinii at the old harbour walk before someone sues them ? ( make sure you remove the berberis cuttings since the thorns are lethal !)

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