Friday, 9 September 2011

Gulls Fixed

After a week of good food and medication it was time to release the Bumble foot gull back to the riverside, the foot infection and limping had all but gone. I let it go at the bottom of Brochers brae where it walked along the wall then flew around the river, returning to the top of the arcade, probably where it was hatched. I returned home and the other gull that has been with me for about two weeks, left of it's own accord an hour later, I think the departure of the earlier one was the trigger. It was in good health and the bad leg and wing had both healed. Two successful rescue results and my garden is free of bird casualties - for the moment job done !

I am however trying to catch a Mallard drake with a broken wing, so far without success because he can run faster than me ! I will keep trying though.

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