Sunday, 18 September 2011

Arctic Little Auk

Some Local good Samaritans out at the Carse found a Little Auk on the shore, they brought me the bird to see if I might look it over. I did not know what species it was until I checked my bird book, to find it was called a "Little Auk". It appeared tired out and is probably exhausted by being blown off course during strong sea gales. I think it's perhaps a juvenile just developing it's winter plumage and got caught in the recent deep low pressure that swept across the country in the last few days. Did not appear to be injured, showed no fear of humans and was easily handled. According to the bird book they winter in the open ocean, but are driven south into the North sea when food is scarce and can be driven onto our shores during autumn gales. They breed in the Arctic islands on Spitsbergen and Greenland, food is mainly plankton and small sea creatures, also eats fish and shellfish. It's a very dumpy endearing little bird, and I hope it survives. Hopefully rest and recovery time is probably all that's needed, but I will have a little fish on hand just in case!


laurence.d said...

Sorry its a long while after your post but I have just come across it,this bird is not a Little auk,its a juvenile Puffin.

jayteescot1 said...

Yeah I know Laurence, keep reading my new postings .