Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lefty Sleeping Again

After a nice meal of wheat and poultry pellets, our Swan family floated serenely on the water and drifted into sleep mode. Or, should I say "Lefty" the ex angel wing cygnet was fast asleep !

I have been asked several times before, when and where do Swans sleep, and do they sleep on land ? The answer is yes, they can sleep anytime either on land or water. The interesting thing is, unless you watch them closely you wouldn't know when they were sleeping . When the eyes are closed it is almost undetectable because they are an extension of the black part of their face. I would reckon that this evolutionary makeup makes it more difficult for any predator to judge whether they can approach the Swan - if they cant tell if it's awake or not . Check out the pics of lefty - all with eyes shut !

I see on the Scottish SPCA website that the shot Swans are recovering well. With the amount of airgun pellets lodged in the poor pens head and neck. The b**tard who kept shooting at them should be jailed !

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