Saturday, 26 November 2011

Blind Gull Treated

As a keen photographer and wildlife observer my eyesight is pretty important. How much more to a bird ? A couple of weeks ago I noticed a young gull that appeared to be blind in one eye, from the pics I took it looked as though it might have been pecked by another gull. Anyway it was sad to see it being knocked over by another gull attacking from the blind side. It was impossible to catch the bird because it can fly perfectly well, so I studied the pics and decided to give it a course of antibiotics since the eye seemed to be infected. After a weeks course, the infection appears to be going and I am hoping that it may even get some sight returning to the eye. It was difficult to administer the dose soaked in bread because it had to be thrown just in front to the left of the bird so it could see it ! I failed a couple of times because it landed beyond it's line of sight and was taken by other gulls. Ah well, I cant win them all, but the pics show that it is getting better . I think it knows I'm doing it good, because it shows up just yards from me when I go to the river. It no longer gets attacked by other gulls because it looks normal, although I think it may only have very slight peripheral sight in it's right eye,
if at all . Maybe it will learn to adapt and compensate.

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