Thursday, 10 November 2011

Still Experimenting

Still experimenting with the new camera and having to look up the jargon and photo blogs to see what I'm doing ! I am beginning to think that using the Auto modes is probably the safest and most productive thing to do with this camera. It seems to me that Nikon have worked out all the best combinations for taking a variety of shots in almost every situation. I just cant see me using a tripod and doing long exposures for night shots etc. I have set one option for macro close ups so I dont have to fiddle around if I have to snap a butterfly or insect fast. I tried different ISO settings and could not better what the auto settings were doing either. Looks like I have bought a lot of surplus buttons that are truly surplus ! There is no doubt that this camera eliminates the need to carry around a bag of different lenses, it pretty well handles everything I'm likely to do.

I have a good photo editing program, and I would say that most shots need a bit of sharpening. Enclosed some more experimental shots.

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