Sunday, 13 November 2011

Stevie - I Wonder ?

Glorious Indian summer's day today, hopefully more to follow ! Weather has been so good for the past two weeks I was even contemplating cutting the still growing grass again ! Camera still coming in handy, and I took some shots of a gull which landed very close and acted like Steven my old friend of yesteryear. As young gulls enter their second year, they are constantly changing and starting to get their adult feathers and eye colour changes too. He certainly came abnormally close, but I could not swear on a stack of bibles that it was him. Another young herring gull has arrived on the river with a severe injury to one eye. It appears to have been pecked badly and is blind on the right side. I saw another gull fly at it and knocked it over, because it did not see the attacker approach from the right side. The right eye appears to have been gouged and is pointing slightly skywards, don't know how long it will last with half it's sight.

I tried to take a shot of the Moon the other night, but came out blurred and too bright. I kept sharpening the picture and the effect is interesting with the pixelisation of the shot.

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