Sunday, 25 September 2016


Our resident Cob Popeye has been taken to the Vets for treatment this afternoon. Over the past couple of days I noticed he was spending some time on his own away from the family.

This gave me cause for concern since it is often the first sign of impending illness. Yesterday although he turned up in the evening with the family he was not eating and keeping his distance from me, I was now fearing the worst. 

Today he was again on his own down at the Swans island while the rest of the family were up at Merryton bridge. I went down to have a close look at him and he was not a happy boy, he moved away and staggered shakily onto the island from the moat. I knew he needed immediate veterinary attention and called the Scottish SPCA to have him taken for treatment. 

With the help of Inspector Aileen Ross from Inverness, we ushered him to the end of the Moat and caught him without any trouble. He is now at the Vets in Inverness, hopefully the diagnosis will not be serious and we can get him back to Penny and cygnets soon. 

                       I get the impression it is a bacterial infection, the same or similar to last year when he was given several weeks treatment. He is stronger this time and having caught him earlier, treatment should be quicker.

Could this be a result of the recent sewage spill into the river ? ...I wonder !


Wendy Grocott-Jones said...

How worrying for you, Joe. Good job he has you to look out for him. I hope Popeye responds to treatment as is back with his family and you very soon x Wendy

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Wendy, Just spoken to Aileen in Inverness, The vets will check Popeye's records since the symptoms are virtually the same as last time he was ill. This could mean quicker treatment and results. He is likely to be taken to the Scottish SPCA wildlife centre tomorrow where proper treatment facilities for Swans are available. Fingers crossed he will be OK.