Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Waterfowl vs Water-Foul

After last weeks documented sewage discharge into the river, I was told by SEPA that this drain is a combined sewer and rainwater outlet. According to the Spokesman for Scottish water speaking to the Nairnshire Telegraph " the outlet at this site is a consented storm water overflow which is designed to discharge into the river when the sewers are full. At such times the contents of the sewer are extremely diluted by rainwater"  I would take issue with this statement as far as the contents being diluted. 

How do tampons, panty liners and paper towels get diluted ? These are Items I find on the river bed around Merryton bridge.

I'm sure the sewage bacteria will be pleased also to know they are in a diluted environment as well. 

Additionally, there was no rainfall in the preceding 5 hours before this discharge occurred, in other words no storm water overflow to blame. The simple truth is the sewage system is not really fit for purpose, and any additional load from new developments will only make matters worse.

 The residents of Nairn want an enhanced quality of life not a diminished one, we have a choice - is it Waterfowl or Water-foul ,  I know what I prefer ! 

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