Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lucky Seven Reunited !

Today the 7 ducklings from Burnett's place were reunited with their Mother and escorted safely down to the river. After a little bit of detective work, it transpired that the mother duck had been nesting and living in a garden with a pond, close to Burnett's place.

She was on her way to the river but was attacked by Crows near the allotments, and made a retreat into Burnett's place. I failed to catch her yesterday and was forced to take the ducklings home and put them in the brooder. Today I was informed by Phil Mcbride that the Mother duck had come back to his garden in the early hours looking for her brood but left again at 7am. 

He then phoned the owners of the garden pool close by, and they told him the duck was there looking rather lost and dejected. I immediately took the 7 ducklings round there and reunited the family. It was obvious the mother duck wanted to get them to the river so with the help of the owner we escorted them down to the old graveyard where mother and brood jumped down the rocky bank into the water.

Even this did not go without a hitch since 3 of the ducklings got trapped between the giant boulders, I had to climb down and free them before all were reunited in the river.

This makes 69 ducklings rescued this season. Whew...what an adventure !

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