Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Three Weeks And Thriving

The September Brood of nine are three weeks old today, still alive and thriving. They are growing fast, being fed Meal worm and porridge oats twice a day and still able to get algae and weed from the river stones.

So far the mother is the most successful on the river this year, and I'm hopeful most if not all will survive. She is incredibly attentive and uses the cover expertly, keeping them safe at all times. The weather has played a vital role, being benign since they hatched, the crows are no longer feeding their young, and the cover and insect life are still abundant - and of course I'm supplementing their food. 

Sometimes being a late hatch can be a great advantage providing luck is on your side. 

Usually this time of year is not so benevolent with floods and bad weather, this time it's a windfall for our late brood and they have a fighting chance of reaching adulthood. Short movie clip below, showing their morning rush to meet me with the breakfast . I have to watch I don't stand on them !

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