Thursday, 13 October 2016

Another New Arrival !

Looks like the word is out that the Swans island is up for grabs. Another Male swan has arrived in the river.

This morning one of the Trust members told me he saw 2 in the river and another 2 fly in and land on the water. There was then a fight and 2 driven out, fortunately it was not Penny. 

When I arrived two of them were at the island and headed up when they saw me. Penny first and then the big male, he was very tame fearless, and totally the opposite of the one 2 days ago.

 He is either one of Penny's offspring from years ago, or has come from another place where he was hand fed, maybe Brodie, Forres, or Findhorn. 

She later stood on the island and had a nap letting him get on with patrolling the river as though he were Popeye.

They did eat grain together, and he did a bit of posturing which Penny ignored.  The plot thickens !!

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