Wednesday, 26 October 2016


The Petition launched 3 weeks ago is now edging towards one thousand signatories. In spite of sniping from some quarters, the People of Nairn and friends of The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust have stepped up to the plate in support of a designated wildlife area for the Water birds. I am gratified by the fantastic support in such a short period of time, and thank each and every one of you who signed either on-line or in paper form. I have now put a closing date on the petition of the 4th of November. 
Anyone still wishing to sign the petition can do so HERE.
( don't be put off by USA when you enter your postcode, it will be shown as the United kingdom ).

Our local politicians will be presented with the final tally the week after closing. It will be up to them to take cognisance of the public support and proposals of the Trust for a designated wildlife area. Support came from every strand of the Nairn population, including anglers and boat owners. One young man put reasoning to his signature by saying how important it was for humanity to stay connected to wildlife and the natural world, I couldn't have put it better myself ! 

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