Monday, 3 October 2016

5 Months until Pexit ?

Penny disappeared for the last 2 days, still looking for Popeye, Don't know where she went and briefly thought that maybe she had taken the cygnets to a flock during this fine spell of weather.

There is a swan hanging around the bay that has been there some time. Cant tell from a distance if it's male or not, and young or old. Penny has 5 months to come to terms with the loss of Popeye, my hope is she will keep the cygnets around until spring then introduce them to a flock and pick herself a new mate. The other scenario is that a new pair will come in the spring looking for a nest site, probably her offspring, and perhaps drive her out if she does not have a mate. Since the river has been her home all of her life, I cant see her giving it up easily. 

We shall just have to wait and see what transpires over the weeks and months.  


Wendy Grocott-Jones said...

Ah, poor Penny. When our cob, Zeus was killed last year by a cyclist speeding along the towpath, Mum, his mate brought up five cygnets alone. She flew off and returned with a younger male but he then flew off and brought back a younger female! However, when a new young pair arrived at the end of January she could not keep hold of the territory where she and Zeus had lived for ten years. She flew away with the remaining cygnets, the young male and his new friend. By mid February, the new pair, Venus and Vulcan, had cleared the canal of all swans, Canada geese and two Goosanders and have reared their own cygnets on the canal this year. We have searched local places but have not met up with Mum again yet.

jayteescot1 said...

Very interesting Wendy, Last spring season one of popeye and penny's daughters brought a young male back to the river when Penny was sitting on eggs. Popeye drove the male out and penny got off the nest and drove her daughter away. They may well return next spring, unless penny gets herself a new strong mate by then. Meanwhile she has disappeared again with the cygnets.