Tuesday, 11 October 2016


After the tragic loss of Popeye a few weeks ago and Penny taking the cygnets away I wondered how she would handle this new scenario.

My hopes that she would find a new mate have been given a huge boost today. 

After her absence all day yesterday I was delighted to see her escorting a new young swan up the river this morning.

Could hardly hold the camera steady as I wanted to get some good shots, to tell if it was a new male friend.

Penny came right up for her usual grain feed but her friend stayed back, very wary and cautious, my heart leapt as I zoomed in and realised it was a young male!

Penny has got herself a potential new mate !!
This is the miracle I hoped for, it means she has accepted the fact that Popeye has gone for good, and the next chapter in her life has begun, a real life fairy tale if ever there was one. 

He is young, tall,   handsome and slim, and not one of her offspring, I only hope they get on enough to make a new life together. 

The signs are good since I watched their interactions for some time, both this morning and this evening and they are looking great.

He is naturally very wary and cautious, Penny has been showing him the extent of her territory, the island, the harbour and around merryton bridge. He has followed her slavishly with mirroring movements, head dipping and preening. These are all very positive signs of a beautiful friendship, and maybe a lot more !
Watch this space !!


Unknown said...

So pleased to see penny with a new mate, hoping it goes well.

jayteescot1 said...

Agnes, they are still together this morning, and Penny has eaten more than she has all last week, her appetite is back and she is happy !
Things are looking good.

Anonymous said...

Good for Penny she does not waste much time attracting a male lets hope she can many cygnets, oh by the way Joe The Duke would be a good name for the new male !