Sunday, 28 May 2017

Dog Kills Duckling

Was feeling confident that our month old ducklings in the river were getting big enough to survive the Crows, Heron, and Gulls. However I forgot about the irresponsible dog owners, one of their dogs killed a duckling yesterday, obviously grabbed, punctured, and shaken to death just behind the Seaman's hall. How many times do I have to remind dog owners to keep their dogs under close control at this time of year ? This area in particular has ground nesting birds, and young that cannot escape a dog attack.


Unknown said...

So angry & upset to read this Joe. If your dog is prone to chasing or attacting wildlife keep them on a tight lead. I'm very lucky to own a dog that has no interest in the chase or kill.

jayteescot1 said...

Most Dog owners are responsible, but there are a few who have dog's that want to chase anything that moves, these are the ones that need kept under control in areas where there is a lot of wildlife. Just keep giving them the message !