Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Today I found out from one of our Trust members what killed the duckling last Sunday. 

The Trust member was walking her own dog about 4 pm Sunday when she saw an out of control young Labrador chasing the ducks along the riverbank at the Swans island. The dog then ran halfway up the island towards Penny sitting on the nest, Duke was quick to react and attacked the dog warding it off. The dog then chased all the ducks and ducklings along the bank, catching and killing the defenceless duckling. There was mayhem and all the ducks were scattering all over the place.
Our Trust member followed the woman owner of the dog and asked why she allowed the dog to run free attacking the wildlife. The owner said she was unaware of the wildlife and said there were no signs indicating the presence of wildlife !  She also said she was only up for the weekend from Glasgow and staying at the caravan site. The dog at this point was now on a lead and almost pulling the owner over. Incredibly the owner said the Swan might have injured her dog !!! 

                           I have asked many times for the council to get a few signs put up around the lower river warning dog owners of the river wildlife. Once again, I have written to our new Regional councillor Tom Heggie, asking for action on this matter. 

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