Saturday, 6 May 2017

Ducklings Harbour Rescue

Yesterday evening I saw 4 ducklings come into the harbour alone, I think they hatched on the high harbour wall and fell into the river channel. Today one was found on the beach by a woman who rescued and gave it to me. I suspected it was one of the four I saw last night, and sure enough the other 3 were still in the harbour. I managed to get one that had gone onto the land in the harbour basin. The other two are still in the harbour. I was unable to get close enough even with the help of the harbour master with his boat. I can only try again this evening if the crows and gulls haven't taken them.

Meanwhile the other two are recovering in a brooding box  - having survived this long, they deserve to live ! 


Unknown said...

I am one of the ladies who rescued the duckling, I would love to know how they are getting on. It was lovely to meet you and give our assistance

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Emma, You did a great job with the duckling. I was unable to get any of the other 2. However I kept the two at home in the brooder and they were warmed under a lamp and had plenty of food. I decided that since we had 3 hatched broods of the same age it would be easy to integrate them either with their own mother or they would be adopted by another.
They have been accepted and out of the 29 that we have I am pretty sure they are doing well. I did notice one other that was of the same size and was wet in the back. I think this was the last one in the harbour that I couldn't catch and had reunited with it's mother. The mothers waterproof them when they are underneath, if they don't get this then they get wet and are not waterproof. This is why I think the one I saw came from the harbour and would not have been waterproofed for several days.
All's well that ends well !

Unknown said...

I am so pleased as will my friend be when I pass this on. An amazing job you are doing, and so pleased we were all in the right place at the right time