Monday, 10 August 2009

River pollution again LATEST !

Pollution Latest: At 8.30pm I saw Scottish Water employees at the offending drain which was
still running but starting to reduce. I spoke to Mr Barron who informed me that they will clean the area in the morning when it dries out a bit.
Scottish water were apparently contacted by SEPA about 1.30 today and an inspection found that a blockage (wait for it) caused by FAT, was the culprit yet again! The problem could not be fixed earlier today because the access manhole is conveniently located in the middle of the A96 at the lochloy junction, and the Traffic disruption would be too great!
I noticed that when they used a rake at the drain outfall it was clogged by lots of wipes and other unmentionables.
If my memory serves me right, FAT was blamed before, caused by Hotels, Restuarants and B& Bs, and Games day over usage! I wonder if the Tilda pilgrimage had anything to do with it this time, maybe none of the lorry pullers went to the toilet for 10 days and all went together when they got back to Nairn? Or maybe somebody disposed of the Tacky plastic Swan down the Loo, whatever the cause I bet it wont be Scottish waters fault!

Pollution Update : The sewerage discharge appears to be increasing from this morning. I phoned SEPA using the national helpline at about 11.30 am, and was told they would send someone local to investigate . I followed this up by emailing photos of the site at 1.30pm to Keith Barron of SEPA who I believe is based at Dingwall.

Maybe Scottish water should be involved since this is probably their pipe ?

There are thousands of small fish in the river just now, so will not do their environment much good !

Once again we have wastewater being discharged into the river from the same pipe that I have reported on 2 previous occasions to SEPA .

I took the enclosed photo's this morning and phoned SEPA at the same time.

The volume of water in the river is so low that any discharge is serious.

This drainpipe is located about 50 metres above the Merryton bridge on the east side close to the river path, it is the same drain that adjacent building workers were tinkering with last year.

There can be no excuse about the weather and heavy rain etc, this was bright sunshine and no rain!

I hope our local councillors and authorities take the matter in hand and get it sorted, we still have holidaymakers on the beaches and wildlife in the river !


Anonymous said...

Well done Joe yet again. Someone is getting away with murder here and it should be stopped right away. Wee parr are in the river and this will kill them. Also the pollution to the beach will cause it to fail its test. Cant do the wildlife any good either.

Anonymous said...

Yes,and lots of little children paddling about on the beach and in the harbour today.Will this affect them tooI wonder,probably not,its just another lump of "Brown Fat"again.

jayteescot1 said...

Well Anon, I thought I had fixed this problem about 3 years ago when I reported it to SEPA then. The excuse at that time was that there was a piece of timber stuck in the drain!
We know that since then the Merryton bridge drains have overflowed time and again, and have since been sealed, now it's back to the old FAT bogey. I wonder if it's really a problem of lack of drain maintenance ?

Anonymous said...

Rumours of a dead salmon down there this morning. Seen anything?

Anonymous said...

Could it simply be that the Nairn sewage network is now working at and beyond capacity? All the extras going to the river?
After all even the experts are saying that sewage for any houses built at Delnies and Cawdor will have to go west to Ardersier.

jayteescot1 said...

I would not be at all surprised if the Nairn sewage network is at full capacity, after all the town population is double what it was not all that long ago.These drains are designed so that in the event of flooding they open up and release the pressure on the system, unforunately this means it goes into the river and onto the beaches. There is no excuse outwith these extreme conditions!

Forreslassy said...

I would imagine that the Nairn sewage system is working beyond capacity as similar things are happening in Forres- except the shit and sanitary waste is being discharged on to roads and gardens.

As much as Forres and Nairn require development they as it stands cannot cope with more housing until serious money is spent upgrading the infra-structure.

Jobbies are innocent it woz fat wot dunit said...

No press release from Scottish Water Yet?