Thursday, 17 December 2009

Will it be Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen ?

COPENHAGEN UPDATE: Anti climax as usual and talked to a standstill, this seems to be the outcome of the Climate talks. I suppose it was an achievement just getting 192 countries to attend and at least recognise there is a problem to be solved !
I think the best that can happen is for each country or group of countries to get on with the business of reducing emissions and getting stuck into new technologies towards that end ! I reckon the Chinese and Indians will carry on along the lines of achieving parity with the richer nations. The Brazilians will keep chopping down the rain forest, whilst the US will pin their hopes on new technology solving the problem. At the end of the day the world will be the loser and our children or grandchildren will turn round and say " it was too little and too late ."

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a raft of programs devoted to the world climate talks. Some of these programs have been very convincing with the likes of David Attenborough and others detailing graphically facts and figures etc.

Some people argue that global warming is a natural event anyway and cant see what the fuss is about. I am amazed that anyone can doubt for a second that humans have had a dramatic effect on the planet. Even if we take into account the natural cycle of ice age and thaws over thousands of years, the scientific facts and data gathered over the last couple of hundred years is irrefutable. The sheer number of humans is now staggering about 7 billion, and most of this growth has virtually happened within the last 150 years. All of us need food and shelter, but add to that the over consumption of the west. The rest of the world following suit ie, China and India etc, and who can blame them since we have led the way !

One of the most striking graphs I saw this week shows the growth of human population. If you look at the line at the bottom of the graph you can see that the population stayed roughly the same for tens of thousands of years, until you get to the industrial revolution then it virtually goes vertical ! Our consumption of fossil fuels and advances in science and medicine mean that we live much longer and are stripping the planet bare !

It wont matter to me and Millions of my generation but if the world doesn't put the brakes on, then humanity is in for a big shock in the next 50 years !

I suppose there could be a plus side in all this, there will be a lot more water available for the Swans and ducks !


Graisg said...

The news coming out isn't very upbeat Joe. No doubt about it though, we are still trashing the planet no matter how many trips we take to the bottle bank.
I just can't help wondering how much the planet has been warmed up by getting all the delegates and protestors to Copenhagen.
If it were simply about wildlife getting a chance to take over the planet as the human race vanished on account of its own stupidity. I fear we are at the start of a process that could make the planet a very difficult place for any living thing. Food for thought as we prepare for a festival hijacked by consumerism.
Rant over...

jayteescot1 said...

I agree with your assessment and even if they did manage to get a deal, the process is probably already well under way.