Monday, 19 April 2010

Goosanders Fishing

The Seagull that was attacked by the Hoodies survived until the next day, and eventually took off from the shingle when the tide came in - I haven't seen it since.

The four female goosanders and the one male, are still fishing on the lower river with some success. The recent warmer weather encouraged a hatching of flies, and this suited fish and birds alike. The sand martins are nesting along the river wall and old pipes, and I managed to get a shot of one the other day, neither the camera or my eye are good enough to shoot a sand martin in flight with any real clarity.

However, the goosander obliged by fishing in the moat area, and catching a few tiddlers by way of sticklebacks. They have certainly taken to the island along with oyster catchers and a variety of other species.

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