Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Last Post

Sorry to say folks this will be my last posting until the person who keeps throwing heaps of vegetable peelings at the Swans -STOPS DOING IT !

I have come to the conclusion that divulging all the information about the Swans lives and what I feed them etc, is now bad news for the swans. On the basis that a little knowledge is dangerous, someone thinks that dumping inedible pieces of vegetation in front of the Swans island is doing them a favour. Nothing could be further from the truth , it merely passes the wrong impression to others and encourages vermin to the area.

I have done my best to educate the public about the Swans and their habits etc, and even now the museum has my photo exhibition running throughout the summer.

Some people just dont listen or understand, or dont want to.

If any of you out there know who's dumping their peelings, do the Swans a favour and ask them to stop. I collected about 3 lbs of peelings tonight and put them in the bin where they belong.

The Swans will be sitting on eggs for the next 5 weeks and virtually dont eat during this time. THEY DO NOT EAT TURNIP, PARSNIP, POTATO, CARROT OR ANY OTHER VEGETABLE THAT IS HARD, THEY ALSO DONT EAT CABBAGE OR ICEBERG LETTUCE OR BROCCOLI.

So my friends no more photo's, news or posts, until the culprit stops turning the riverside into a dump, and destroying that which is precious to all of us.
This is the last post !

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