Wednesday, 15 December 2010

All Quiet on the Home Front

The weather and the river wildlife have been in a quiet mode for a few days - the calm before the storm perhaps ? Forecast is sub zero stuff again later this week, back to the yaktrax I suppose ! The Pen has already started to put some distance between herself and the cygnets lately, this is the prelude and lead up to the final break which I suspect will be sometime in January - weather permitting . Although to see them in the harbour earlier, they were at peace and the cygnets in a submissive and communicative mode. (short video below )
A couple of days ago the 4 cygnets were on their own, close to 4 tufted ducks near the island.

The Moorhen picked along the edge,while the Merganser was close to the side, caught in a brief ray of sunlight.

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