Friday, 31 December 2010

Hell Hath no Fury - Like an Aggressive Swan !

As I suspected, with the change in weather and temperature the Parents have started harassing the cygnets again, ready for the spring clear out ! The past few days shows a marked change in attitude towards the youngsters followed with a few nips if they get too close. I have observed too the pen in particular is slightly off her food, and has singled out the pen cygnet for special attention. According to size and demeanor, I think there is only 1 female cygnet and it's being chased more than the others by both the pen and cob. I can only assume that this is the Pens way of making sure there is no competition, and is backed up by the cob to reinforce that fact !
The pen seems to be more aggressive than the cob just now, and she is the prime mover dictating the pace and level of aggression. When the wings are up the cygnets are definitely worried. A case of Hell hath no fury like an aggressive Swan! In saying that, after a while the chasing stops they calm down and start preening. If the weather stays mild they will probably be chased away within a fortnight.
I got some better shots of the Goldeneye feeding in the harbour, and the Tufted ducks have joined in the feeding sessions with the Mallards too. Yesterday 3 Swans flew overhead but were put off landing by our lot. Was too late to get the camera adjusted but you can hear the marvellous sound as they pass over. ( video clip below.)

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