Thursday, 23 December 2010


I would like to wish all my supporters and followers a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year, and thanks to all those who keep an eye out for the welfare of the river wildlife.

This time last year I quipped about the severe winter, remarking "Could this be the start of a mini ice age ?" This winter looks like it's going to beat last years - no problem at all. The river was pretty well frozen over at one point today, and the Swans were walking and weaving their way around. I broke a wee path through the ice at the merryton bridge to allow the Swans to get close enough to feed, they are looking good.
The ducks too are in fine form, (short Vid below 4 days ago).

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Bill said...

A Joyous Christmas and a Peaceful, Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too :)